Node.js Development

Node.js Development


Node.js has been in demand since its inception as it is the first JavaScript environment to provide server-side execution for developing real-time I/O operations. Being a free and open-source run-time environment, Node.js assists Node.js developers for depending on a single programming language to write server-side scripts.
Boostr Technologies is one of the top Node.js development company which looks after the growth architecture and boosts productivity for enhancing your business sustenance. Our team consists of professional Node.js developers who provide the best solutions and consulting services to navigate your business insights. At Boostr Technologies , with the help of friendly features of Node.js development and strong technical skills of our professionals, we provide robust and expertise solution to commend different business challenges by creating a state of the art solution as per your demands.


  • Bespoke application and Web Development
  • Real-time application development
  • Back end application development
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Migration and Re-engineering
  • Node.js API development and Integration
  • Node.js Micro Services Development
  • Node.js Large scale Web Application Development
  • Socket Programming
  • MEAN stack application development
  • Dockerize Application


  • Artillery
  • Chai
  • Eslint
  • ExpressJs
  • Jest
  • Power BI
  • Loopback
  • MERN
  • Meteor
  • Mocha
  • Molecular
  • Mongoose
  • NodeMailer
  • Passport
  • Redis
  • SocketIO
  • TSLint
  • TypeScript


  • Group chat application development using WebRTC audio, video and text
  • Real-time quiz game implementation using and Microservice architecture
  • Data analytics using Elasticsearch
  • Implemented solution for data scrapping
  • Real-time appointment booking solution
  • AWS Lambda functions integration for large backend processing
  • eCommerce solution with drop shipping module