Retail Software Solutions

Retail & eCommerce Software Development


Today, the retail & eCommerce industry is facing immense competition from the new digital channels, like e-commerce, m-commerce and social media. Customers are more informed, tech-savvy and demands quick and better services. These new dynamics has imposed huge challenges to retail industry in terms of customer services as well as operations and supply chain.
Some of the major challenges faced by Retail industry are:
  • Quick adaptability to rapidly changing market trends
  • Meet ever increasing customers’ expectations
  • Need to get right price with increased consumer price-awareness
  • Intense market competition with a risk to be substituted with another vendor
  • Change in consumer buying pattern with increased expectation for quality service at competitive price
Over tackle, these challenges, Information Technology has a very crucial role to play in overall retail industry operations, supply chain and sales & service of the retail industry.


With our years of experience and expertise in multiple technologies, we at Gian Software Solutions , have conceptualized and delivered customized retail industry software. Our end-to-end solutions have helped our customers in improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies across the supply chain. Our solutions have also enabled our customers in achieving deep insights into customer buying patterns and various relevant analytics, which enabled them in improving profitability.
Here are the highlights of our projects done for Retail industry:
  • Developed a complete product for one of the largest selling ERP ISV in the Middle East countries
  • Developed a complete retail POS software for supermarkets
  • Multiple eCommerce applications for different industries
  • A web-based Bill of Material Generator that simplifies and fastens the order processing between manufacturers, salespersons and distributors