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Shipping, Transport & Logistics Software Development


Globalization and emerging business trends like e-Commerce, has given a great stimulus to the Shipping, Transport & Logistics industry. The world has become smaller and connected now, and people has the luxury of buying anything from anywhere, without worrying about logistics. This has created a phenomenal growth potential and a lucrative business opportunity for these industries, but it comes with its inherent challenges, like:
  • Route Optimization
  • Security issues in supply chain
  • Frequent rises in fuel prices
  • Environmental compliances
  • Managing variations in transit times
  • The vulnerability of damage to goods or transportation equipment in transit
We, at Gian Software, enable organizations in Shipping, Transport & Logistics industry to gain visibility, improve internal processes and provide proactive security IT applications.


With our years of experience in shipping software development and our domain expertise, we develop the best shipping software for our clients which enable planning, execution and controlling of the movement of goods, information, and people, across the supply chain. Our shipping, transport and logistics solutions help organizations improve processes and increase return on investments.
Here are the highlights of our projects done for Shipping, Transport & Logistics companies:
  • Comprehensive ship voyage planning and management solution to capture information on cargo operations and track the remote position of vessels on map.
  • Complete supply chain solution to manage processes like orders, dispatch, shipping, storage, receiving goods, bin transfers, etc.
  • GPS tracking enabled system that provides real-time vehicle positions on the world map, communication on different stops and landmarks, effective planning on routes.
  • Route planning for all the facets of emergency responses and provide accurate, efficient and fast responses to the people requiring immediate aid.
  • A comprehensive solution for managing vehicle maintenance with features like service records, preventive maintenance, inspections, task management, and monitoring, and ensuring compliance with government legislation.